What is the nutritional value of the food?

The nutritional value – of the food is a key characteristic that determines its ability to satisfy the pet's need for nutrients - proteins, fats, carbohydrates, macro- and micronutrients - minerals, vitamins, amino acids.

The pet should eat fill with a dry food, should not constantly ask for food, his condition and appearance should confirm his health.

What food will be nutritious for cats and dogs?

According to the structure of the digestive system, cats and dogs are more adapted to a diet with a high content of animal origin components. The small volume of the pancreas does not allow domestic predators to digest foods with high carbohydrates index - cereals, rice, potatoes and others. Thus, the higher the content of animal protein in the diet - meat, the higher the nutritional value and digestibility of the food by dogs and cats.

Also, the quality of meat ingredients and the technology of food preparation influence to the nutritional value of dry food. It is desirable to use the technology that will preserve the natural benefits of meat and other ingredients in order to bring it to the body of cats and dogs.

In this regard, holistic food is the food that meets the physiological needs of our pet predators in the best way.

Nutritious food - food with a high content of animal protein, high-quality meat ingredients, with the use of gentle steam technology. In this regard, holistic food is the food that meets the physiological needs of our pet predators in the best way.

Elato holistic food has a high nutritional value, which is achieved in the process of developing recipes and manufacturing technology by Italian professionals:

3 factors that make Elato food highly nutritious

1. Composition that meets the needs of cats and dogs: high meat content, optimal amount of fat and fiber

  • high meat content up to 78%, including 20% of fresh meat; absence of cereals:

    Elato foods are grain-free, contain high-quality meat ingredients - sources of animal proteins, which include a full range of essential and non-essential amino acids, and are perfectly digested by domestic predators - cats and dogs;

  • optimal amount of animal fats:

    The content of animal fats makes the food not only nutritious, but also tasty for cats and dogs. An excellent option is chicken fat and turkey fat - these are excellent sources of energy with a record amount of omega-6 acids essential for pets, vitamins D3 and E, selenium and choline;

  • fiber to support proper digestion:

    Fiber stimulates the absorption of essential nutrients in the intestines of dogs and cats, thereby affecting food absorption. An excellent source of fiber are peas and batata.

2. High quality of ingredients

The source of animal protein in Elato food is quality meat: dehydrated (dried) and fresh. Raw materials from trusted suppliers from Italy, France and other European countries are used for the production of Elato dry food for cats and dogs. The production of Elato food, including quality control of ingredients, is carried out according to ISO 9001, ISO 22000 standards, similar to the production of human food.

3. Modern manufacturing technologies

  • with steaming preserves the nutritional value of the ingredients:

Unlike most other brands, Elato food is produced using modern technology with steam treatment. After gentle heat treatment, which is used in the production of Elato food, the nutritional value, the enzymatic composition of the ingredients are preserved, and the finished food is perfectly digestible by dogs and cats;

  • applying of vitamins, minerals and other substances at the end of the production process preserves their benefits:

Vitamins, minerals and other useful substances, liver hydrolyzate, fat are applied to the food granules, and are not mixed into the raw materials. Due to this, they are not destroyed under the influence of temperature during the production process.


Elato Nutrition Test Results

The high nutritional value of Elato foods is confirmed by the results of testing the food on 30 animals during 4 weeks.

According to dogs owners’ estimates, pets are eating fill with the recommended amount, and according to cats’ owners, 47% of pets eat less Elato food compared to previously used other brands of food, while the food consumption is reduced by 10-30%.

The nutritional value of the food is often noted by the owners in the reviews.

“Cats eat fill with less Elato food! For me, this is a huge plus…”
I have two cats and their food consumption is quite high. I wanted to find a quality food with a good protein content, but at the same time affordable. In the store, the seller recommended Elato food. I liked the packaging - nice, laconic design. I took it for a test. Indeed, cats eat less Elato food! For me, this is a huge plus. I also noticed that the Sphynx does not have black dots on this food, as was the case with many other foods. Such a reaction happens to too fatty food, which means that Elato has optimal fat content.
“I liked the composition - there is a lot of meat in it ...”
I decided to buy this food for a kitten, I liked the composition - it has a lot of meat. There was less of it in the food I used before. Therefore, I had to feed my kitten extra with meat and semifinished meat products every day, and it means - additional costs. Elato consumption is very small. At first I thought that kitten didn’t like the food, and that is why the kitten does not eat it well. But then I realized that it is enough for him to eat a small amount of it. For a month, the kitten gained weight of 500 grams - this is the norm for the British breed. Compared to our previous food, Elato is more nutritious and economical.