So, holistics are foods that meet the natural needs and principles of proper nutrition of pets in the best way, ensuring healthy and active longevity of pets.

Signs of a quality holistic:

1) High nutritional value:

- sources of animal rather than vegetable protein predominate: the amount of meat should be at least 50%;

- the source of animal protein must be of high quality: the best solution is dehydrated and fresh meat containing a full range of essential and non-essential amino acids;

- Confirmation of high meat content – food’s composition. The ingredients from the composition are indicated on the packaging in descending order of mass fraction, therefore, in real holistic food the dehydrated and fresh meat ingredients should come first.

2) Only slow carbohydrates:

- we recommend choosing foods where the source of carbohydrates is not cereals, but vegetables and legumes, and only with a low or medium-low glycemic index (peas, sweet batata, potatoes);

- if grain-free foods are not suitable for your pet for any reason (features of the animal), then it is recommended to choose lowgrain foods with cereals with an average glycemic index (oats, brown rice);

- there should not be corn, wheat, white rice in the composition of the food – pretender to be called holistic, - these ingredients are unusual for the body of animals as they have high glycemic index. They increase the risk of metabolic disorders, obesity and diabetes in animals.

3) Sources of fiber and nutrients - vegetables, herbs, fruits:

they are important for proper digestion and strengthening of the immune system, as well as for achieving the ideal ratio of fiber, fats, proteins, carbohydrates. They must be present in the composition, but without much variety. The more plant components in the composition of various types, the higher the risk of intolerance to one of them. Allergies may appear.

4) Ingredients for health promotion, disease prevention:

they have a significant supporting effect on an average of 5 vital systems of the body. They contain a full complex of fat- and water-soluble vitamins (A, D3, E, group B), minerals in the most bioavailable form. The food also contains glucosamine, chondroitin, amino acids (taurine, L-carnitine, methionine), omega-3 fatty acids, natural probiotics and prebiotics, other active substances and phytonutrients.

5) Safety:

holistics do not contain artificial colors, preservatives, flavor enhancers, flavors, salt, sugar. Manufacturers use safe natural preservatives - mixtures of tocopherols instead of that to maintain the quality of food.

6) Approaching to the natural diet of animals:

holistic foods, generally, are 100% natural foods that meet the animal's physiological nutritional needs in the best way. They help keeping your pet active. They are as close as possible to the natural food of cats and dogs in respect of eating experience. Animals eat them with pleasure. 

Manufacturing technology is also important. Steam technology preserves the benefits of meat and other ingredients. With gentle heat treatment, the nutritional value, enzymatic composition and taste of the ingredients are preserved. Thus, the manufacturer ensures excellent digestibility of the finished food by almost 100%.

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