Palatability – is one of the most important characteristics of the food. The pet should eat food with appetite and pleasure and eat the necessary amount of the food to meet the nutritional needs. High palatability is especially valuable in holistic foods, because they do not contain artificial flavors and flavor enhancers. It is the main reason why it can be quite difficult for owners of picky eaters (animals) to switch their pets to holistic food.

Therefore, when developing Elato Holistic, special attention was paid to developing a food with high palatability, and this was achieved due to 4 factors



4 factors that make Elato Holistic highly palatable

1. The high content of high-quality selected meat - 58-73% (fish 78%), including 20% of fresh meat (fish), helps to satisfy the natural instinct of animals to eat, which is an important component of the palatability of Elato food.

2. Modern steamed food manufacturing technology, which is not available from most manufacturers, preserves the properties of natural ingredients and their high palatability.

3. The application of liver hydrolyzate and fat to the food granules at the end of the production process using a special technology ensures high palatability of the food.

4. The optimal size and density of the granules were determined by the manufacturer's specialists empirically, so that the animals could eat the food without difficulty.

Once developed, Elato Holistic foods were tested by cats’ and dogs’ breeders in Italy and received high palatability ratings.

5. Before the launch of the brand on the market, two large studies of the palatability of Elato Holistic food were carried out.

The results of a large-scale rapid testing of the palatability of the Elato Holistic food

The high level of palatability of our foods is confirmed by the results of a large-scale rapid testing, in which 200 animals (100 cats and 100 dogs) took part. Food palatability testing was carried out using the home test method (at home). The principle of method lies in the fact that the animal is offered a test food in a homely, familiar environment and the reaction is recorded (ate / did not eat). The test was repeated for three days. The selection was determined on the basis of the generally accepted number of respondents for a home test by large marketing agencies (Romir, Comcon, GFK, etc.) - 100-400 people.

According to the results of the study, the palatability of Elato food was:

among cats - 87% (average consumption of holistics for cats is 80%),
among dogs - 91% (average palatability of holistics for dogs - 87%)

1 - According to marketing agencies specialized in conducting panel studies on food and pet food.

At the same time, the palatability of Elato food depends on the class of the food that the animal was previously fed on: the higher the food class, the higher the level of palatability of Elato:

• 93% of cats and 97% of dogs eat Elato with pleasure if they have previously eaten holistic or super-premium foods.

• 87% of pets eat Elato with pleasure if they have previously eaten premium food

• Elato food is eaten with pleasure by 83% of pets if they previously ate economy class food

The study also assessed how the size and density of the granules affect the food intake by animals. The vast majority of owners noted that the size and density of the granules are optimal for pets and do not have any effect on palatability.

Results of long-term testing of Elato Holistic

The food was tested during 4 weeks in order to evaluate the palatability of the Elato Holistic food and its impact on the health of pets over a long period of time. The study involved 30 animals (15 cats and 15 dogs).

The results of long-term testing confirmed the high level of palatability of the Elato food - 93% of the owners noted that the animals eat the food with pleasure throughout the entire study period.

At the same time, due to the individual characteristics of the animals or their taste preferences, habituation effect to the taste of Elato Holistic can take 7-14 days, during which the owners may notice a moderately reduced level of food intake. This is due to the fact that Elato does not contain artificial flavor enhancers. In such cases, it is recommended to switch to Elato food gradually, during 1-2 weeks, reducing the amount of the previously used food and increasing the amount of Elato.

The conducted studies confirm:
the palatability of Elato Holistic is above average among holistic foods and it is:
• 87% among cats (average - 80%)
• 92% among dogs (average - 87%).
Your pet will enjoy every bite!

The best way to be sure of the results of using Elato food is to test it.

Two bags of Elato food