You are familiar with the situation when you buy a pet food of a higher class, in anticipation of his good appetite, pour it into a bowl, and he ... sniffs and refuses to eat. Why is this happening?

Economy-class foods contain little meat, as well as rather lowquality by products – grinded skins and tendons, and in the best case- stomachs and tracheas.

In order for animals to eat such foods, manufacturers add artificial flavor enhancers and flavors to it in big quantities. Therefrom, pets get used to such food, as a person gets used to fast food, and the natural taste of healthy food no longer attracts them.

If you want to help your pet eat clean, you can use the gradual switching method. Mix the used before foods with a new one, gradually increasing the amount of the second one.

Within 1-2 weeks, the pet will completely get used to it and begin to eat high-quality food with appetite. During this time, the intake of quality food may be lower than usually and this is normal.

When switching to a new food, you may notice that the pet does not eat all the contents of the bowl. In most cases, this is due to the fact that high class foods contain more meat, so the pet simply fills up faster.

These conclusions are confirmed by the results of testing the palatability of Elato Holistic for 4 weeks on 15 cats and 15 dogs.

80% of the owners noted that the pets immediately began to eat food with pleasure, and only 13% of the animals unwillingly switched to the new food.

The method of gradual switching gave a result and within 7-14 days the pets began to eat food with evident appetite and pleasure.

According to the owners of dogs, the animals eat up when the recommended norm is used. And according to cats’ owners, 47% of pets eat less Elato food compared to previously used other brands of food. Food consumption is less by 10-30%.



If you want your pet to quickly switch to a high-class food, offer him Elato food.

Be sure that their natural composition and large volume of meat will not leave any domestic predator indifferent.

The best way to be sure of the results of using Elato food is to test it.

Two bags of Elato food