The body of each pet is individual: some pets can eat everything, and others only special foods.


Sensitive digestion is on the agenda when an animal, due to the individual characteristics of the organism, has a partial or complete intolerance to certain components of the food. Sensitive digestion is not a disease. The main thing for animals with sensitive digestion is a stable diet without components that the digestive system reacts negatively to.


Foods for such animals should contain predominantly animal protein, an optimal amount of fiber and fat, and should not contain components that can irritate the digestive system.


Elato foods take into account the characteristics of animals with sensitive digestion and have the following specifications:

1. The predominance of animal origin’s proteins, high quality ingredients
Cats and dogs are predators, therefore, animal proteins found in meat, fish, eggs are digested in the best way, and vegetable proteins are practically not digested by their bodies. Physiologically a food that is low in carbohydrates and contains a lot of high quality animal proteins is good for cats and dogs. In this case, a small amount of food is enough for a pet, and the digestive system is not overloaded.

2. Optimal quantity of fiber
In nature, cats and dogs eat grass to get fiber. At home, the owner is engaged in its introduction into the diet. If it is not enough, the animal's digestion is disturbed, if it is too much, the result is the same.

3. Optimal fat content
An average amount is 15-20%, but if it is more, the food will overload the digestive tract of your pet and cause disturbances in its work and discomfort.

4. Prebiotics content
These substances are necessary for the healthy functioning of the intestines of the animal. If they are, the likelihood of problems with the gastrointestinal tract is decreased. Elato foods contain inulin, FOS and MOS prebiotics, which stimulate the growth of beneficial intestinal microflora, inhibit the activity of pathogenic and opportunistic pathogens, and improve the functioning of the digestive system. Elato also contains psyllium, the ribwort husk Plantago ovata (blond psyllium), which is native to South and West Asia. This husk is a rich source of fiber and prebiotic. Psyllium facilitates the absorption of nutrients, normalizes the intestinal microflora, removes toxins and wastes from the body.

5. Artificial additives free
Colors, flavor enhancers, flavors, and artificial preservatives can irritate your pet's digestive system and cause discomfort. Elato foods do not contain artificial additives.

Pet owners who tested Elato food for a month noted such improvements in digestion as the normalization of the action of the bowels, a decrease in the smell from the mouth. Owners of pets with sensitive digestion leave feedback that Elato food is suitable for their pets.


"A worthy holistic, cats eat with pleasure. The cat has intestinal issues, there are no adverse events from the gastrointestinal tract after its eating. The cat is a very picky eater, eats little, but this food is to his taste, eats with appetite."


"I feed my dog only with holistics. I noticed a new product - Elato Holistic food. Taba eats it with a great pleasure! It was not the same with other foods - she could not go to the bowl immediately or wait for a tasty treat instead of the food. I think Taba likes that the food is very fragrant. And it looks good: dark color, oily granules."

The best way to be sure of the results of using Elato food is to test it.

Two bags of Elato food