People have been living with cats under the same roof for many millennia, but the cats’ language has not been fully deciphered. The most obvious signs of love and trust from a cat are purring and sleeping next to you. But, in addition to them, there are 7 more ways in which your cat confesses its love to you.










7 signs that your cat loves you

1. «Bunting» with the forehead. At the moments of touch, the cat produces hormones of happiness, and scent marks remain on you, with which the cat marks «its own».

2. Gentle biting. Cats do not threaten and do not try to hurt. This is a way for cats to communicate with each other, playful behavior and a sign of trust. So if a cat bites you, you are "in the band".

3. Long look. In nature, prolonged eye contact is often perceived by animals as a threat. But, if the cat looks into the owner's eyes and blinks slowly, then she trusts him very much.

4. Gifts. You wake up in the morning, and there is a toy waiting for you by the bed, a cat treat, your hair binder? Do not rush to swear, because this is how a cat expresses its love and care.

5. Follow you. Such a constant presence nearby means strong affection and a desire to spend time together on the part of the pet.

6. Loud mew. Do not think that a cat only mews when she asks for a food. Often cats attract the attention of the owner when they want affection, play, or just to be looked at.

7. Joyful meeting. The hearing of cats is better than that of humans, so they often come to the door in the hallway a couple of minutes before turning the keys in it, because they recognize their person by their steps. And the fact that the cat prevents you from taking off your shoes, as it rubs around your legs and arms - this is her way of expressing the joy that you are at home.

Now you can watch your pet and see exactly the signals of love that he sends to you. And the best expression of your love is real care for your pet, the time spent with him, a responsible approach to maintenance and feeding.


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